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South London Social get Social in Penge

South London Social's first social media workshop was a great success thanks to the amazing local businesses who came.

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Why Isn’t Facebook Working For My Business Anymore?

small businesses can find growing an audience organically on facebook frustrating. We offer some tips to make the most out of your content to grow your audience.

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How to Get the Best from Social Media for Your Business

You've done your business plan. Check. You've got your business premises sorted. Tick. Business cards. Of course. Marketing done. Yep. Local advertising. Definitely. Social Media? Well you've got a personal Facebook account and you once set up a Twitter account for business if only you could remember the log in and password. This is a… Continue reading How to Get the Best from Social Media for Your Business

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Stop, Look and Listen

Do you remember the green cross code?  A chap on the telly (David Prowse), dressed as a superhero, taught children the key points of road safety using the message ‘Stop, Look and Listen’.  He went on to play Darth Vader in Star Wars* and I continue to cross roads safely by remembering his message. Wait.… Continue reading Stop, Look and Listen


A Tale of Two Twitter Communities

We understand. It is so tempting to want to be the business with the Twitter community of 10,000, 100,000 or 1 million followers It makes you look good. It makes you look popular. Surely it must follow that more of your customers will follow you because you’re popular and then they’ll buy from you. Let… Continue reading A Tale of Two Twitter Communities